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I have worked with numerous Candidates in Maryland’s Political Relm and have helped get Delegates and Senators elected through my Social Media Expertise and Strategy.

MD petitions:  Started in 2011 with Delegate Neil Parrott of Washington County.   Washington County Maryland Coordinator and Social Media person sending out Newsletter and contacting the press and media for interviews for Delegate Parrott.  We se the precedent for being the first in the country using the Electronic Voting Rolls from Maryland’s Board of Election to ensure that all signatures collected were valid.  We were successful in getting Maryland’s In State Tuition for Illegal Immigrants to Referendum for the people of Maryland to vote on.

I assisted in getting Neil Parrott elected into office as Delegate for Maryland via the vacated seat by Delegate Chris Shank who ran for Senate.  I was able to get his message out and he was the first Tea Party Member elected into office.

I assisted Delegate Christopher Shank on his run for State Senate, using my social media expertise to help get the sitting Senator voted out and Delegate Shank elected into his spot. Assisted with providing information to the press via my website and email contacts to provide information on the Campaign. 

Commissioner Jeff Cline – Assisted Jeff Cline in getting elected as Washington County Commissioner.  Used my website to promote his views and visions and also sign waved with him.   

Currently, I am assisting Meyer Marks in his run for Governor of Maryland in 2014. 

I am an expert in political strategy with numerous contacts with the media to set up interviews for candidates running for office.  I am a hard hitter.

I have used my website as a means to attack and our support candidates for office as well as accountability of all parties. 

If you are interested in using my services for your campaigns, I am able to set your website up for you so that you can get your message out.

If you are interested in my services, we can set up a consulting time to go over rates it you choose to use my services. You can contact me at 443-528-5626. only serious candidates should call and I will provide them a free consultation for the first time, then if you choose to select me to assist your campaign, we will draw up a financial agreement.