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July 2014
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So Called Republicans, Turn RINO – Delegates Cathy Vitale and Herb McMillan – McMillan votes again for O’Malley’s Plan Maryland

Delegate Herb McMillan (R – District 30) still doesn’t get it.

We reported to you this week that Delegate Herb McMillan (R – District 30) and Cathy Vitale (R – District 33A) voted against repealing Martin O’Malley’s radical Senate Bill 236 law.

Unforuntately, Delegate Herb McMillan decided to vote against our property rights yet again in committee.

As you know, the Maryland Liberty PAC worked with Delegate Mike Smigiel (R – District 36), to get House Bill 252 introduced in the House of Delegates.

This bill was sponsored not only by Delegate Smigiel, but by 14 other Republican legislators.

This bill would have completely repealed O’Malley’s Plan Maryland scheme and protected our property rights.

Repealing O’Malley’s radical laws should be a no-brainer decision for Republicans, right?

For Delegate McMillan, taking your property rights away is a no-brainer decision because he voted against House Bill 252.

Unfortunately, Delegate McMillan did not get the memo that supporting liberty means protecting property rights too.

Let’s help him get the message loud and clear.

Herb McMillan needs to hear from you today.

Please call and email Herb McMillan today to let him know you’re watching and that you disapprove of what you see:

Delegate Herb McMillan (R – District 30)


If you live in Anne Arundel County, I hope you will especially contact Herb McMillan since he represents Anne Arundel County residents.

Delegate Herb McMillan was the only Republican on the House Environmental Matters Committee to vote against House Bill 252.

How did all of the other Republicans on the committee know to stand up for property rights and Delegate McMillan did not?

We have no idea why Herb McMillan would join forces with Martin O’Malley and the liberals to oppose our property rights protection bill, House Bill 252.

We are in the battle of our lives to protect the right to private property in Maryland and we cannot afford to have counterfeit conservatives like Delegate Herb McMillan teaming up with Martin O’Malley in Annapolis.

If you’re committed to keeping politicians accountable I hope you will donate today to our RINO Replacement Fund.

Money raised in this fund will be used to keep politicians like Herb McMillan accountable to the conservative principles he claims to hold.

For Liberty,

Patrick L. McGrady


Maryland Liberty PAC


P.S.  Are you fed up with RINOs and sell-out conservatives like Herb McMillan in Maryland?

If so, I hope you will donate to our RINO Replacement Fund right now online by clicking here.

Authority: Joe Fleckenstein, Treasurer, Maryland Liberty PAC

Learn more at

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