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They Want To Shut You Down – Md Petitions


THEY ARE TRYING TO SILENCE US.  We need to give, growl, and         go  - See below for details.

The initial committee hearing for the Referendum Integrity Act revealed         two important things – this bill does not make sense for good public         policy, and the elitist Democrat leadership doesn’t care.

This bill, sponsored by Montgomery County and Baltimore City Senators,         will effectively stop our ability to use the petition process in         Maryland.

We cannot let them suppress our voices and take away access to one of         the few avenues we have to be heard in Annapolis.

Paul Jacobs, President of Citizens in Charge – the only national         organization that protects initiative and referendum rights across the         country – spoke out against the bill at the committee hearing. He         said, “Maryland         has the toughest requirements for counting a signature of any state in         the country.”


A  Democrat Delegate on the committee that heard the         “restrict the petition effort” bill asked Mr. Jacobs, “Is this bill essentially         just a solution looking for a problem?” to which he         responded, “Yes,         it’s an UNCONSTITUTIONAL solution looking for         a problem.”

The liberal elites in Annapolis want TOTAL CONTROL and are working to         shut you down for good. They will disregard the Constitution just         to try to maintain a complete monopoly on the power in our state.

Each one of us needs to act now to make sure that the politicians in         Annapolis do not silence your voice and remove your ability to petition         laws.
You can         help in 3 ways.

1. GIVE.  An immediate donation of $25, $50, $100, or even $200 is         needed to stop this bill NOW, before it gets out of committee.          This is our best chance, but we need funds to target Delegates and         Senators on the fence.Donate here.
2.         GROWL.  Call your Senator, asking him to oppose HB673.  This         is URGENT.  Please ask your friends and family to flood your         Senator’s office with calls so that the message will get through to         them. (Find your senator here.)

3. GO.  Attend the hearing before the Senate Education,         Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee this Thursday, February 28th,         at 1:00pm.  If you are able to testify, please coordinate with Jim         and Gloria Coyle at

If we stay silent, this bill may pass.

If you care at all about our constitutional right to petition laws to         referendum, please give, growl, and go.  We need to end this now.

Looking forward to working with you in the future.


Delegate Neil C. Parrott

P.S. Please make an immediate donation of $50, $100, $150, or even $200         at to help us         target key legislators in an effort to stop this bill.

Checks are also accepted, payable to and mailed to P.O.         Box 32, Funkstown, MD 21732
Authority: Deborah Miller, Treasurer.

### exists to enable Marylanders to have a say in their         government and serves as the leader in Maryland’s petitioning process. helped Marylander’s get enough signatures allow         Marylanders to vote on the bill that would have given in-state college         tuition benefits to illegal aliens, to vote on the same-sex marriage         bill, and to vote on Maryland’s Gerrymandered Congressional         Redistricting Map.
Delegate Neil C. Parrott, Chairman; Deborah Miller, Treasurer
Phone: (240)329-0293

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