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August 2014
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Subject: It comes down to 10 Senators – Maryland Liberty PAC

Subject: It comes down to 10 Senators



jeff –

Last week the liberals on the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee rubber-stamped O’Malley’s Gun Bill onto the Senate floor for a vote this week.

Sources are saying a vote is likely to happen in the Senate tomorrow.

We have identified 10 swing vote Senators to target over the next 24 hours on the gun grab bill.  We need your help to dial up pressure on the Senators listed below.

If the wheels come off of this bill in the Senate we can bring O’Malley’s Gun Grab agenda to a screeching halt.

Please make a phone call today to these Senators:

Senator James Brochin 410-841-3648

Senator Norman Stone 410-841-3587

Senator Bobby Zirkin 410-841-3131

Senator Ron Young 410-841-3575

Senator Dyson 410-841-3673

Senator Klausmeier 410-841-3620

Senator Kasemeyer 410-841-3653

Senator Mathias 410-841-3645

Senator Astle 410-841-3578

Senator Middleton 410-841-3616  

If you can’t make a phone call today, chip in $5 dollars to help us take the fight to gun-grabbing politicians.

We are sending 100,000 calls into Senate districts around Maryland over the next 24 hours and we need your help to get another 100,000 out in the next 48 hours.

Can you help us today online?


For Liberty,


Joseph Fleckenstein


Maryland Liberty PAC


P.S. Please chip in $25, $50, or $100 IMMEDIATELY so that we can get expanded operations in motion THIS WEEK in fighting O’Malley’s Gun Grab in Maryland!

Authority: Joe Fleckenstein, Treasurer, Maryland Liberty PAC

Learn more at

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