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August 2014
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Jeff Werner Named Campaign Manager and Senior Advisor for Marks For Governor of Maryland 2014

It is with great honor that I take upon this most daunting yet challenging and fulfilling task.  Though this is going to be a tough campaign for all, I am up to the Challenge with over 10 years of Political Experience that varies in all aspects of the Campaign.  Below, I have formally introduced the Honorable Meyer Marks for Governor of Maryland 2014, I look forward to meeting and stopping in every county with Meyer and making our presence known.

Dear Steering Committee,

Just wanted to let everyone know, we are making great progress in building our campaign team for Governor.   I am pleased to announce that Jeff Werner will be serving as Campaign Director.   In the next few days you should expect to see more announcement to come.       It is such a great honor for me to have your support and confidence in this campaign for Governor.

Kind Regards! 

Meyer Marks

Marks, Governor 2014

Bethesda, Md.

PH. 202-378-4171

As a specialist in Government Affairs for over 25 years, Marks has dedicated his life to analysing public policy and dealing with issues of government, representing clients at the state and federal level. Over the years he has become a premier specialist in health care public policy that has represented clients from consumer health organizations to medical professional associations. In 2010 Marks was the Republican nominee for the Maryland House of Delegates from Montgomery County; were he was recently elected as an At Large Member of the Republican Central Committee from Montgomery.
After he completed college, Marks was recruited as the first Finance Director in over 20 years for the Republican Party of Arkansas. At the time the party had severe financial problems, being unable to elect Republicans to local office. During his tenure he was he was instrumental in helping the party expand its base and bring the state party out of depth.
In 1988 Marks become the Founding President of Marks and Associates, a government Relations firm, which began by consulting on local political campaigns, were it has grown to become a premiere specialist in health care, and state and federal public policy issues. Marks, has successfully sought the passage of reforming medical malpractice laws at the state level. Most recently Marks has become a consultant to medical professional associations on the new health care reform legislation.
In 2005 Marks became the Founding President of EUSA Council, a Trans-Atlantic N.G.O. Its mission is to strengthen the Trans-Atlantic relations between Europe and the U.S. through cultural and educational exchange programs. Its current focus has been facilitating and hosting programs between European Embassies in Washington D.C. and Capitol Hill. EUSA Council was instrumental in forming U.S. and Europe Congressional Caucus on Capitol Hill.
Marks is a resident of Bethesda Maryland, were he has been actively engaged with numerous non-profit health care organizations. He is also an active member of All Saints Episcopal Church, Chevy Chase, Maryland. In his free time he enjoys hiking and traveling. / PH. 301-755-8614
Meyer F. Marks
1979-1985, University of Central Arkansas. B.A. Political Science
1986- School of Campaign Finance, Republican National Committee, Certificate
1988- School Of Campaign Management, Republican National Committee, Certificate.
2004-2006; Georgetown University; Master’s Program European Studies, Theses
“Comparative Democracies between Europe and United States”
Professional Experience:
1986-1988, Finance Director, Republican Party of Arkansas. Little Rock, Ark.
1988- Present; Founding President Marks and Associates, A Washington D.C. based
Government Affairs Firm that specializes in Health care and State, Federal public policy.
2005- Present; Founding President EUSA Council, a Washington D.C. based Trans-
Atlantic N.G.O. that’s mission is to strengthen Trans-Atlantic Relations through cultural
and educational programs.
Campaign Experience:
1988- Arkansas Co- Chair for Vice President George Bush Presidential Campaign.
1994- 1998-Political Adviser, Mike Huckabee, Arkansas Governor Campaign.
1994-2001- Political Adviser, Win Rockefeller Lt, Governor Campaign, Arkansas.
2010- Republican Nominee; Maryland House of Delegates, Montgomery County.
Elected Office:
1986-1988; Elected; State Committeeman Arkansas Republican Party.
1988-1990; Elected; Vice Chairman, Republican Central Committee, and Pulaski
County, Arkansas.
2010-2014; Elected; At Large Member, Republican Central Committee; Montgomery.
County Maryland.
7728 Woodmont Ave, Bethesda, Maryland; 20814 /

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