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From MD Petitions – Delegate Neil Parrott of Washington County

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When it came down to acting upon what you believe, you did not ignore what was       right or leave it to someone else to do.  It is you       and people like you all across our state who are working to improve our       state, step by step.

We need your help again right now.  Please go to       right now to help us continue the fight for common-sense government in       Maryland.

I want to thank you for your past action and support for       during the referendum efforts last year.  Many people like you       worked hard over the past two years, and your help has been critical to       letting the people vote on three important issues.

We acted to help make Maryland a better place to live.  No one can say of us that we did       nothing during this critical time in our state’s history,       and I am so thankful for your help.

Unfortunately,       this is not the end of our work.

Like riding a bicycle, we learned critical lessons from the referendum       process over the last two years.  Now is in a       better in a position to not only get controversial bills on the ballot,       but to stop bad legislation on election day.

One lesson we learned is that we cannot beat Annapolis without enough       resources.  Your help with a donation of any amount to       will help us to get ready for the current battle.

Maryland’s legislature is in session right now and that means       trouble.  Everything is on the table from excessive gun control to       the so-called “bathroom bill” where men can use girls bathrooms and       vice-versa (SB449).  The liberal leadership is also       threatening to impose extreme new rules that would make it nearly       impossible to exercise our right to petition.

By working together, we can stop these kinds of bills before they get       passed.  With your help, has plans to help stop       these bills during session.  The best time to stop a bad bill is       just as fast as you can.  Should egregious bills pass this session,       we need to be ready to send them to the ballot box so that the people can decide.        We learned that no matter how ridiculous  a bill is, just getting       the referendum to the ballot is not enough, and this time we will be       ready.

In order to keep up the fight, I need your help.  The 2012 campaign       drained our campaign account – and then some.  In order to be       ready to fight again, we need to build up our war chest right now.

It takes money to get our message out.  We were far outspent when it       came to educating people about the ballot questions.  Because       of our lack of funds, we were unable to reach as many voters as we needed       to in order to win.

This time, let’s       not let the far-left liberals be the only ones getting their message out       through paid media.

I need your       help at this critical time.  Between now and       midnight on April 8, 2013, we could see more radical legislation passed,       taking away more freedoms and essentially destroying our state.

Every dollar you give helps us get that much closer to restoring some       common sense in our state.  Please go to       right now to help us continue the fight for common-sense government in       Maryland.

I look forward to working with you soon.

Delegate Neil C. Parrott

P.S. Please make an immediate donation of $50, $100, $150, or even $200       at       to help us pay our bills and get ready for the current battle.

Checks are also       accepted, payable to and mailed to P.O. Box 32,       Funkstown, MD 21732
Authority: Deborah Miller, Treasurer.

### exists to enable Marylanders to have a say in their       government and serves as the leader in Maryland’s petitioning process. helped Marylander’s get enough signatures allow       Marylanders to vote on the bill that would have given in-state college       tuition benefits to illegal aliens, to vote on the same-sex marriage       bill, and to vote on Maryland’s Gerrymandered Congressional Redistricting       Map.
Delegate Neil C. Parrott, Chairman; Deborah Miller, Treasurer
Phone: (240)329-0293

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