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Help Save Maryland – Continued Assault on the Rule of Law & Citizen Rights

Continued Assault on the Rule of Law & Citizen Rights

This week marks the beginning of what promises to be another four years of total hostility by the White House, Congress and the Executive Branch Agencies to the issue of law enforcement and illegal immigration.  Granting Amnesty for all illegal aliens, no matter their lawless motivations and backgrounds, seems to be the mantra of the day.  On Monday in Las Vegas, Obama will announce his proposed comprehensive immigration Amnesty plan which will give citizenship to those who decided that rules to enter or stay in the United States need not be followed; Persons that also helped themselves to our jobs, education system and social services network, often with the full support of our elected officials and radical groups like CASA of Maryland.

This combined with another two years of Governor O’Malley’s continued expansion of our Sanctuary state will make life in Maryland all the more costly and dangerous for honest, taxpaying citizens and our families (illegal aliens will be the major core constituency for O’Malley in 2016).

There is but one way to fight this.  Individual citizens committed to the rule of law can make the difference in stopping this unnecessary Amnesty for illegal aliens.  We must demand a secure border and a full national commitment to law enforcement.  Over the next few weeks, Help Save Maryland will be releasing our vision and action plan for the coming year as we continue to educate all Maryland citizens on the financial, social and educational costs of illegal immigration in our state.

Immediate Action You Should Take

As the push for Amnesty for illegal aliens is a national issue, HSM strongly recommends that all members and friends join the following two organizations – NumbersUSA and the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).  Both have a solid and successful track record on all issues regarding illegal immigration.  Both are better positioned than HSM to keep all of us up to date on the latest misinformation and propaganda being spread by the Open Border Radical Groups, Labor Unions, the Press, Congress and the White House on the alleged “benefits” of a mass Amnesty program for illegal immigrants to our society, culture and communities.

Please join ASAP:


What the Feds really think of American citizens who are concerned about the direction of our nation.

The article linked below written by a West Point think tank links people who believe in individual freedom with violent “far right” movements!  This follows an earlier Department of Homeland Security report in which Secretary Janet Napolitano classified opponents of illegal immigration as potential terror threats.

 “‘Far Right’ report outrages critics of federalism – Conservatives labeled as violent”

At the same time, the White House clarified some “confusion” regarding their Deferred Action Amnesty.

Illegal aliens who qualify of its new non-deportation policy are now “considered to be lawfully present” in the U.S.  This means illegal aliens in this category can obtain drivers’ licenses once again!


But it gets worse.  Seems Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials have been quietly releasing thousands of violent criminal illegal aliens back on to our streets and neighborhoods.


Many commit crimes and murder again.  As if no one would notice!  Now the Administration wants to ban our ability to defend our homes and families through gun restrictions?!?!



Justice in the shadows | Part 1 — Secret criminalsMany freed criminals avoid deportation, strike again


In Montgomery County, MD, school officials have been fighting back against terror.  Recently a six-year old boy was suspended from school for pointing his finger at a fellow classmate and saying “Pow-Pow”.  Glad we have taken this violent offender out of our school system!



Carroll County Supports Our Unifying Language – English!,0,6825895.story



Record attendance at this star studded January 12th event.  If you missed it like I did, please go to and watch the videos of the different speakers and panels.

Paul Mendez, a volunteer for Help Save Maryland smartly introduced headline speaker Pamela Geller as she brought down the house with her presentation on Free Speech and the Challenges America Faces (see lead video).  Mr. Mendez also participated in, as well as moderated, a number of panels including an immigration panel during the day-long event.  Paul is the ultimate HSM volunteer and deserves our special thanks for his efforts and passion to the cause!


Brad Botwin, Director, Help Save



Interested in Volunteering?  Please contact us at

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