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August 2014
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Trio arrested in fake ID sting – Lancaster Eagle Gazette

Trio arrested in fake ID sting

COLUMBUS — A local law enforcement agency assisted the Ohio Highway Patrol and Immigration and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents in arresting three people for manufacturing fake Ohio identification cards.

The Fairfield-Hocking Major Crime Unit provided technical support and aid during the investigation, Commander Eric Brown said.

Brown said their help was requested in the investigation.

Troopers from the Office of Investigative Services, Fairfield-Hocking Major Crimes Unit officers and ICE agents conducted a sting operation in which they met with several suspects at various locations in facilitating the purchase of a fake Ohio identification card and Social Security card for $500.

The three suspects were arrested and taken to the Franklin County Jail. They were charged with tampering with government records, forgery and illegal manufacturing of identification cards.

If convicted, each suspect could face up to seven years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

1 comment to Trio arrested in fake ID sting – Lancaster Eagle Gazette

  • justin

    fuckin people need to calm down. its only fake ids. its not like their selling crack. whats so bad about underage people wanting to go out and drink like seriously.

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