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September 2014
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Paulette Faulkner Live On June 14th At 8:30am with Sean Casey of WCBM 680 To Discuss O’Malley’s Firing of Her – This Will Be Fun

As you know, myself and a few others have been reaching out to the press to expose the Criminal Governor of Maryland and the Paulette Faulkner story is beginning to gain even more traction.  The Emerald Mansion is loosing it’s luster and the Criminal Governor of Maryland, who has had ICE called on him more than 100 times, is finally going to be taken to task on Radio on Thursday, June 14th.  Thanks to Paulette and Judy for staying on top of this.  

I have been working with Paulette and William Capps for quite a few years on this and it’s nice to see Sean Casey have the wherewithal to expose the Criminal Governor on the Airwaves once and for all.  After all, he lost in Wisconsin, Worst Leader in the History of Maryland, Leg Humps with Illegal Alien Criminals and the Sandinista Warrior and Communist, Gustavo Torres of Casa De Maryland.  Oh yes, you heard it, COMMUNIST.  

We also had a great piece done in the News Print as well.  Things are moving forward as Part 1 of bring the King down is well underway.  Soros, let’s meet. 

From Judy Bach who helped get the radio spot for Paulette

Fellow Patriots:


Please do your best to tune into Baltimore talk radio- WCBM – AM 680- at 8:30 AM on Thursday, June 14th for the Paulette Faulkner interview.

As many of you know, Paulette was a Montgomery County State employee who was fired by Gov O’Malley and Company for blowing the whistle on illegal aliens getting away with MASSIVE WELFARE FRAUD.  It was her job to approve or disapprove welfare benefits in the Maryland office

of Child Support.   She was told that she HAD to accept incorrect

SSN’s and phony CASA de Maryland Identification cards and approve welfare benefits for illegal alien foreign national invaders.

Paulette refused to break the law.  She was humiliated in front of her co-workers, fired for blowing the whistle, not allowed to receive unemployment benefits, had to declare bankruptcy and had to endure foreclosure!


Except for a few intrepid reporters’ such as James Simpson, (“CASA DE

Maryland- The Illegal Alien’s Acorn” Accuracy in Media,  Barbara

Hollingsworth- “O’Malley Raises Cash to keep Dream Act off the Ballot”

 and J. Doug Gill-guest host of WBAL radio talk programs and Maryland

Legislative Reporter)   this story has remained buried behind the wood

work.   Our Maryland media has been bought and sold and is perfectly

happy to keep important stories like this buried under the carpet.

As frustrating  corruption like this is it  will only be brought to

light by the diligent few!   Remember!   Maryland is one of the

largest illegal alien Sanctuary states in the nation!

By the way, did you know that Maryland was #2 in food stamp fraud?  We are one of the highest taxed states in this nation.  Is some of this coming together for you now?


Please do your best to tune into Paulette, and hear her story. Please also pray along with me that Paulette receives the JUSTICE she so deserves! This brave woman has been through Hell and back again. The one thing that has comforted Paulette during this trial, has been the fact that she “sleeps good at night for doing the right thing!”  If only we had more people in office with Paulette’s integrity and courage!.


 Set your calendar’s for June 14th at 8:30 am. WCBM – 680 AM.  And, please SPREAD THE WORD as a CITIZEN WHO DEMANDS ACCOUNTABILITY FROM YOUR GOVERNMENT!





Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

Thomas Jefferson

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