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February 2013
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So Called Republicans, Turn RINO – Delegates Cathy Vitale and Herb McMillan – McMillan votes again for O’Malley’s Plan Maryland

Delegate Herb McMillan (R – District 30) still doesn’t get it.

We reported to you this week that Delegate Herb McMillan (R – District 30) and Cathy Vitale (R – District 33A) voted against repealing Martin O’Malley’s radical Senate Bill 236 law.

Unforuntately, Delegate Herb McMillan decided to vote against our property rights [...]

But Governor OMalley Said Maryland Would Be Fine – Another Lie From Him – Gov. Martin O’Malley warns of Maryland job loss under federal cuts

Gov. Martin O’Malley warns of Maryland job loss under federal cuts

ANNAPOLIS — Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley went on the road Wednesday to urge lawmakers in Washington to avoid across-the-board budget cuts he said would hurt the state’s most vulnerable.

O’Malley visited manufacturer FLIR Systems in Elkridge, a company whose expansion is threatened by the [...]

From Ellen Sauerbrey – Cut the hysteria

Having trouble understanding what our friends in Washington are doing?? This clip will make it all crystal clear. Please take a watch and send it on.

As the President runs around the country fear mongering and stirring up hysteria over the prospect of $85 billion in cuts in THE GROWTH OF a $3.6 [...]